Antenna Line


BTS Antennas


Amphenol Jaybeam offers a wide portfolio of high performance base station antennas spanning the frequency range 50 MHz to 6 GHz. Antenna models are available in indoor, micro-cell, point-to-point, sector panel and omni directional configurations. With more than ½ million base station antennas in operation withstand harsh tower top environments. A combination of robust mechanical designs and high production standards has earned Amphenol Jaybeam a reputation for quality and reliability that is second to none.


Amphenol Jaybeam offers a wide selection of gains, azimuth beamwiths, electrical downtilts and polarizations to give RF engineers the tools they need to optimize networks. Innovative Wideband, Dual-Band and Tri-Band configurations are available to provide maximum utilization of available tower space with minimum visual impact.


In addition to antennas, Amphenol Jaybeam has established expertise in tri-sector antenna structures, tower top electronics and Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) communications systems. This depth of experience allows Amphenol Jaybeam engineers to develop highly sophisticated site solutions to support your most challenging requirements.


Tri-Sector Antenna Solutions


Amphenol Jaybeam is the industry leader in Tri-sector antenna solutions. Since our first Tri-Sector antenna deployment in 1995, Amphenol Jaybeam has continuously enhanced the product range to support market demand for low visual impact cell sites with increased functionality. Amphenol Jaybeam understands the unique technical challenges associated with Tri-sector sites and offers an impressive portfolio of products and accessories to simplify deployment.


Indoor / Microcell Antennas


Amphenol Jaybeam in-building and microcell antennas have been eployed by network operators worldwide to provide improved coverage in office buildings, campuses, tunnels and urban canyons. low profile designs are available in an assortment of directional and omnidirectional configurations giving network engineers the tools needed to optimize coverage in these difficult environments.


Innovative Wideband, Dual-Band and Tri-Band configurations are available allowing one distributed antenna system to serve multiple service providers with minimum visual impact.


PMR / TETRA Antennas


Omni Directional Antennas - Colinear Antennas


Mounting Hardware


Combiners / Filters / Diplexers / Triplexers


Diplexing and Triplexing filters from Amphenol Jaybeam allow operators to combine multiple carrier frequencies onto a single run of coax, resulting in reduced cost, lower wind-loads and reduced weight. Amphenol Jaybeam offers low insertion loss designs capable of withstanding high transmit power and providing low IM performance.


Housed in rugged, weather-proof enclosures, Amphenol Jaybeam filters are field proven to provide reliable service in harsh, tower top environments. Careful attention to materials and finishes in combination with high production standards insures long term, trouble free performance.


Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA's)


Mast Head Amplifiers (MHA’s) from Amphenol Jaybeam are designed to reduce the over-all system noise figure of a cell site and provide increased uplink sensitivity. System noise figure reductions of 2 – 3 dB are typical, resulting in improved in-building penetration, higher call quality, fewer dropped calls, higher data rates and longer mobile battery life.


Amphenol Jaybeam MHA’s are field proven to provide reliable service in harsh tower top environments. Each design is housed in a strong, weather-proof enclosure, utilizes highly de-rated electronic components, and includes internal lightning protection to insure trouble free operation.


AISG compliant models are available that allow remote control of the MHA as well as pass-through control to the attached RET antenna. For MHA’s without AISG control, Amphenol Jaybeam offers a selection of DC power injection and alarm monitoring solutions.